I already liked what I saw on the outside of an apartment complex I was interested in moving to, but I wanted to find out more information about what I would find on the inside. I knew that I could schedule a tour, and I had every intention of doing that if I liked what I saw. I just did not want to waste my time nor anyone else’s, so I went online to find more information at the apartment complex’s website. I saw that I could click here to view different things about the apartments, including amenities, floor plans and pictures.

I knew that if I looked at all three of those things, I would be able to figure out if I wanted to go for a tour of Cedars. I decided to look at the pictures first, and I am so glad I did. I was able to tell so much from them, and I started to really enjoy seeing what was sure to be my next and hopefully last home for a very long time. I looked at the amenities next, and that is really what sealed the deal for me.

I was happy to see everything with the apartment, but I was even more excited about the things I had not seen when I drove by. I knew that there was an outdoor pool, but I had no idea there was an indoor pool too. I also did not know that there is a heated underground garage as well as a heated underground tunnel to the club house. There are also some really gorgeous walking trails that has seating placed throughout. This really did look like a nice place to live, and I was convinced 100 percent of that when I took my tour of it. That is why I am now living here!

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