Cycle Challenge

As the #FabBody Brand Ambassador, I am tasked with finding unique and challenging fitness classes to determine whether they are #FabBodyApproved.  A #FabBodyApproved class exudes the mission of The Fab Body Factory:  to spread health and fitness nationally by making it as popular and “cool to do” as fashion and entertainment while enhancing one’s overall improvement with a sound and healthy mind, body, and spirit.

RevolveDC, an indoor cycling studio located in Clarendon, VA, offers a “dynamic indoor cycling experience designed for fitness enthusiasts seeking a fun and challenging full-body workout.”  Their classes “engage riders with heart-pounding music, motivating instructors, and an endorphin rush that lasts well beyond the studio.”  As a fan of RevolveDC, I saw the advertisement of a “Cross-Cycle Challenge,” Sunday, August 25th at 6:15 p.m., an end-of-summer workout designed to detox and revive your body: 45- min “Body Ride” with Angel Stone followed by a 60-min Vinyasa Flow yoga session at Tranquil Space:

The Body Ride class is a complete total-body workout incorporating cycling and strength training designed to create a sleek and strong physique.  It’s like #FabBody Boot Camp on a Schwinn bike!  Following the Body Ride class, cyclists are challenged to balance their body with injury preventing, flexibility and strength enhancing, asanas through Vinyasa Flow’s seated and standing poses, hip-openers, backbends, and basic inversions.  Can you feel the burn yet just from reading this? Whew!

I immediately knew this was the perfect challenge to test for our first #FabBodyApproved rating and definitely something I have never done before.  So, I reached out to RevolveDC, and they invited me to participate in the Cross-Cycle Challenge.  Not only would this workout last for 105 minutes, but it was on a Sunday evening when most people are preparing for the upcoming work-week.  So, I planned prior to Sunday to knock out any errands, and I set positive intentions, as Deanna Jefferson would say, because I DON’T MAKE EXCUSES, I MAKE RESULTS!

Sunday came, and after arriving at the studio, I asked Angel before class how she felt about her playlist for, and her participation in, the Cross-Cycle Challenge. Angel stated that she was excited about her entire playlist (including my reggae song request lol) and that the challenge would be the first for her as well but a total compliment for the body.

Me with Angel After Class

Imagine yourself on an exotic beach.  It’s just you, your workout gear, cycling shoes, a Schwinn bike, and Angel instructing you to give your maximum effort.  I took my mind to a place of serenity with white sands and crystal blue water so my body would not give in to any mental weakness. I let go of any self-limiting beliefs and began riding through the sand with my bike, climbing up exotic mountains filled with coconut trees, cycling through ocean-deep water, and surfing through mile-high waves while continuing to give my maximum effort with increased resistance.  Besides an intense free-weight session on the bike (yes, weights are stored on the side of your bike), the reggae music I requested, and the awesome playlist, helped me pedal way to the finish-line.  While my body was cooling down, the waves of the ocean took me back inside the RevolveDC studio celebrating with the class on a job well done!

Now it’s time for Vinyasa Flow yoga!  Be sure to come back next week to find out more about my experience with this yoga class and how I felt after a complete total-body workout totaling 105 minutes!

How many of you have taken this class at RevolveDC or are thinking about it?  Please let us know in your comments!

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